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PT. Indira Mitra Boiler (Banten, Indonesia)

PT.INDIRA MITRA BOILER didirikan sebagai One-Stop- SparePart-Solution/Solusi-Suku-Cadang, khususnya dalam memasok suku cadang untuk burners dan steam boilers. Kami utamakan penyediaan suku cadang kualitas utama & asli untuk semua jenis dan merek burner dan steam boilers, seperti Weishaupt, Riello,Baltur,Olympya,Baite,Ecoflame,Uni Gas,Unilon,maxon,Nipon,Dungs,Sensus,FBR, Siemens, Suntec, Dungs, Danfoss, Satronic / Honeywell, Krom Schroder, Elster, Brahma, Giuliani Anello, Coprim, Madas, Steinen, Monarch, RMG, Gestra, Mobrey.

Dalam bisnis kami, kami mampu menawarkan harga terbaik & paling bersaing dibandingkan dengan para pemasok lainnya karena kami memelihara hubungan bisnis yang langsung & solid dengan para pemasok dan mitra dari seluruh dunia. Kami juga memberikan layanan teknis terbaik yang didukung sebuah tim profesional yang sangat terlatih & berpengalaman yang senantiasa siap menjawab kebutuhan usaha Anda.


Vision To be a leading engineering company specializing in all types of steam boilers and burners in Indonesia.


Mission - Responding to in-stock demands at the most critical times and at the request of customers. - Maintaining business relationship with our established partners in order to achieve the best price. - Continuing to provide full support for customers/customer support through all lines of business, including superior technicians, sales and customer care.


why us?


we have built a reputation as a reliable, fast & efficient service in all demanding tasks. supported by a complete range of spare parts for burners and steam boilers, our team of highly trained & qualified technicians are ready to carry out repairs & services in the right way to avoid lost production costs or time.


our company's standard quality is applied not only to our well-known spare parts brands that have become our partners, but is also displayed in the form of qualified & experienced technicians who understand basic repairs to complete machine downtime. furthermore,. our customer care also reflects the professionalism that our clients deserve in their business.


having worked closely with highly reputable partners who are major providers to the world's demand for burners and steam boilers, we are able to supply promptly any accessories or spare parts for customer requirements.


competitive pricing is the result of our persistence in building solid business relationships with our supportive partners, which enable us to supply all spare parts at economical and competitive prices.

customer satisfaction

we provide service advantages through our great skills & our adaptability. with the most advanced equipment & techniques & our technicians.

PT.INDIRA MITRA BOILER was established as a One-Stop-Spare-Part-Solution, especially in supplying spare parts for burners and steam boilers. We prioritize the supply of prime & original quality spare parts for all types and brands of burner s and steam boilers, such as Weishaupt, Riello, Baltur, Olympia, Baite, Ecoflame, Uni Gas, Unilon, Maxon, Nipon, Dungs, Sensus, FBR, Siemens, Suntec , Dungs, Danfoss, Satronic/Honeywell, Krom Schroder, Elster, Brahma, Giuliani Anello, Coprim, Madas, Steinen, Monarch, RMG, Gestra, Mobrey.

Ratman Bejo

Direktur ceo/Owner

0813 88 666 204



Jl.LoveBird Blok D19/21 RT 12 RW 05 Permata Sepatan Tangerang 15520
Banten , Indonesia



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