Electric Thermal Oil Heater Product capacity 30kw-1400kw

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16 Mar 2023
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Spesifikasi Electric Thermal Oil Heater Product capacity 30kw-1400kw

Central Heating Boiler
Electric Thermal Oil Heater
Product capacity: 30kw-1400kw
Working pressure: 0.1Mpa-3.8Mpa 1bar-38bar
Available fuel: Electric, Electricity
Available industries:
For crude oil plant, asphalt, bitumen plant, food industry, textile industry, packaging industry, plywood factory, reactor, refinery oil...
Key selling points:High efficiency, Quick heating, No Pollution, Automatical running electric heating thermal oil to temperature 200-350°C

Electric Thermal Oil Heater/Boiler
The equipment Use electricity heating thermal oil, automatically heating oil up to temperature 200°C-350°C. Widely used in asphalt, bitumen, textile, plywood hot pressing, reactor, food fryer, packaging industry, refinery oil, etc.
Working Principle: Electricity as energy source, covert electric energy into heat energy through flanged immersion heater. The organic heat fluid (hot oil) as heat transfer medium is circulated in the whole system pushed by oil pump. And then the using-heat equipment takes heat from the hot oil, which returns back to the boiler after heat exchange. So it is an organic heat circulation system.
Electric Thermal Oil Heater Consist
Electric heating thermal oil heater consists of the main parts (including electric heater host , high-temperature oil pump and Y-shape filter), expansion tank, control cabinet and piping. All the components of the system must work together in harmony for proper performance.
Advantages of Electrical Thermal Oil Boiler
1.Low working pressure
Liquid phase transport heat energy can reduce working pressure and get high temperature, heat carrier is smaller than the water saturation steam pressure 70 to 80 times, general heating is less than 0.5 Mpa
2.High heating temperature
Electric heating thermal oil heater can reach a temperature of 340°C under the low pressure and the heating temperature automatic control. When the heating temperature is up to 300°C, the working pressure is just one seventieth of the saturated steam pressure.
3.Environmental protection design
Electric heating thermal oil heater is provided with new electrical heating system, using electricity instead of coal, saving cost, protecting environment without pollution.
4.High thermal Efficiency
Electric heating thermal oil heater can reach the efficiency of 95%, and achieve stable & even heating and accurate temperature control.
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