Nippon Furnace Kogyo/HRS-DF Burner/HRS-MD-RT Burner/HRS-U1 Burner/HRS-UX Burner

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Gas Burner

Nippon Furnace Kogyo,HRS-DF Burner,HRS-MD-RT Burner,HRS-U1 Burner/HRS-UX Burner

Regenerative Burners (HRS Burners)
HRS (High Cycle Regenerative Combustion System) burners have achieved outstanding energy savings by means of ultra high pre-heated air combustion and high efficiency waste heat recovery systems. These were realized by use of NFK's patented ceramic honeycomb regenerating media and CEM (Cross Exchange Mechanism), a four-way Switching Device. The HRS-ULN(ultra low NOx) burners based on the latest fuel staging combustion theory have also set a new standard in reducing NOx emissions.
HRS-DL Burner
(HRS Direct Firing Burner)
A simple compact direct firing regenerative burner incorporating NFK's latest high temperature combustion technology. With a built-in ceramic honeycomb regenerator this unit achieves ultra-high efficient heat recovery, drastic reduction of NOx emissions and uniform temperature distribution.

Applications Various types of re-heating and heat treatment furnaces, casting and forging furnaces, ceramics firing furnaces and ladle pre-heaters.
HRS-DF Burner
(HRS Non-Oxidizing and Reducing Type Burner)
A non-oxidizing and reducing type of regenerative burner which is the practical application of high temperature combustion technology in partial combustion (air ratio<1.0).
The maintenance free design of the honeycomb regenerators minimizes soot particles and is effective for environmental conservation.

Applications Reheating furnaces for steel and copper, ceramic calciners.
HRS-MD-RT Burner
(HRS Minimized Draft Radiant Tube Type Burner)
A burner with a built-in honeycomb regenerator specially designed for the application of ultra-high pre-heated air combustion technology for heat treatment processes and other purposes in iron and steel manufacturing. Minimum pressure loss and low NOx emission can be achieved simultaneously. Continuous forced cooling of the radiant tube is also possible.

Applications Atmospheric furnaces and various types of indirect heating furnaces.
HRS-U1 Burner
(HRS Package Type Direct Firing Burner)
A compact direct firing burner with a built-in honeycomb regenerator which incorporates ultra-high pre-heated air combustion technology to achieve minimum pressure loss and low Nox emission simultaneously.The built-in block type honeycomb regenerator allows for easy maintenance and servicing of regenerator media.
Applications Heating furnaces, ceramic calciners, steel re-heating furnaces.

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